In June 2009, the idea of a gourmet pizza restaurant, located in the heart of Downtown Clarksdale, was born.   The owners, Buddy Bass and Joe Weiss, cousins, are 4th generation Clarksdaleians who are proud of the history of Clarksdale and the new possibilities that await.  With teenage, twenty and thirty year old children of their own, their idea was to create a place where kids and families would feel comfortable dining and relaxing.  Second, they wanted to create a location that visitors to Clarksdale would enjoy and experience our local fare.  One should expect the same sincere feel you would get at a friend’s home.  Please, make yourself at home and ask plenty of questions.
Charlie Patton- Stone Pony Pizza


Why the name Stone Pony?  Buddy’s grandfather and Joe’s great uncle, B Bass, Jr. who grew up in Lula, MS and later moved to Clarksdale was a very outspoken gentleman with many favorite sayings.  When B was describing a most perfect item or situation, whether it was a beautiful car or a perfect golf shot, he would use his favorite line and in a most convincing very loud voice say, “well that’s a “STONE PONY!!””.   After some research we found he was referring to possibly two things. Collectible figurines made in the early 1900’s that had many different items inside the glass with the most prized collectible literally having a pony made of stone on the inside. Many people referred to this treasure as their “Stone Pony”   We also found a reference to a blues tune by famous blues artist and Lula, MS resident,  Charley Patton. He performed his song, “Stone Pony Blues” as a solo artist and with Blues greats Bertha Lee Pate and Son House while touring across the United States and abroad. In his song he is describing a beautiful lady friend of his as a “Stone Pony”.


 In 1912 this building was completed, at that time it was the end building on the block, notice the windows on the north wall were simply bricked over when the next building was started.   This historic building started out as Armstrong Drug Company.  Then in 1952 Vernon and Jesse Hughes took over ownership to house their business, Martin Drug Store.  In 1974 Bob Farris acquired the building to house his insurance company, Bob Farris Insurance Company.  Then in 1997 John Mohead bought the building as a renovation investment.  In 2005 Susan Flowers acquired the space to house an art gallery.  Finally in 2009 the building was purchased by Stone Pony Pizza.
Our goal is to make sure your experience at our restaurant is referred to by you as a “Stone Pony”.


Meet Debbie Ray! My love of cooking started with me standing in my grandmother’s kitchen, helping her stir and sneaking some samples as well. I come to Stone Pony Pizza from Cleveland, Ms. I owned Southern Grill and Bellazars’s, my 29 years of experience gives me the upper hand in running a busy establishment like Stone Pony Pizza. I am excited to call Clarksdale my home now and I love how all of my customers have made me feel welcomed! I have many new things planned for the future….. stay tuned!!!

Debbie Ray- Stone Pony Pizza
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